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Fiscat's Fiscal Solution in Greece - Electronic Cash Register Machine NEON

2024-01-23 17:49:11


All Fiscat's machines are customized according to national fiscal laws and customer needs. For Greece, electronic cash register NEON is one of the first FISCAT's product series to be implemented in the Greek market.

NEON is a medium-sized electronic cash register machine which is suitable for all kinds of business, and it is constantly upgraded with new functions and new appearance, keeping pace with the Times, and has been providing the best solution for partner. Let's share some specs about NEON in Greece:


1.High performance CPU

2.High-capacity fiscal memory

3.GPRS module to communicate with server

4.Safety sealing glued with the approved letter 

5.Internal and external storage

6.Support Ethernet, usb, RS232

7.Bright LCD display


With the introduction of the new fiscal law in 2023, we are all immersed in the modification of ECR and get the approval from MOF. How firmware works with the ECR NEON? Here share some functions as following:

1.Transfer the transaction data to the MOF’s server, make sure the data is received by the MOF server.

2.Update firmware remotely, so what is Remote firmware update? Electrical cash register(ECR) or Signature device communicate with server, technician will upload the new firmware on server, the ecr will receive the update event then download and update the new firmware, in this way not only saves the cost but also greatly improve efficiency. Technician can update the firmware remotely, and can upgrade for a/few specific machine. Prior to the addition of this remote upgrade function in Greece's tax reform, FISCAT had already implemented this function for other countries, such as Kenya. Therefore, due to our established experience, FISCAT team was able to complete the development quickly and helped our partner complete the approval. 

3.Having the function to interact with EFTPOS to finish the payment.

4.Restaurant mode to achieve the function like open table, close table, cancel payment, refund payment etc.

There are many more functions in the electronic cashier NEON, it is with immense potential which can be developed to full with the functions what you need. Providing professional fiscal solution is what FISCAT has specializing in so many years, we customize the best solution for partner, so you can count on us for the fiscal equipment, we will make your business go to next top.

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