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France Fiscal law

2023-02-27 16:29:48

Fiscalization was introduced in this country in 2018. There are no mandatory hardware devices that have to be used (e.g. certified fiscal printers) neither online communication with Tax Authority.

The main requirement in France is to use certified POS solution that will ensure that all transactions are recorded and stored in the way that manipulations are not possible.

Certification process is carried out by bodies accredited by French Committee on Accreditation. Those bodies are INFOCERT (AFNOR) and LNE which stands for The National Laboratory of Metrology and Testing. In addition to this, POS producers can opt for so called self certification.

In order to prevent manipulations re-certification is also mandatory. The certification in France is based on software certification. There are some legally defined requirements when it comes to important activities on the cash register. There are four basic conditions as the main goals of the set requirements which are: inalterability, security, storage, archiving. The certification is not done by the official.

In France, there are two sales periods in a year, one during the summer and one in the winter. These sale periods have fixed dates that are set every year. There are some specific rules during these periods, one of which is that goods' prices can only be reduced below their peak price during these sales periods. Setting fixed sales periods is bound to drive up sales during these periods, so there are some additional rules that need to be followed. 

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In consideration of the POS solution in France, FISCAT ALL-IN-ONE Android mobile POS GALAXY TOUCH 6 with Android V11, collaborating multiple applications, GPS Location, inbuilt NFC and 58mm high-speed printer, is especially appropriate to the French market.

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