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How Fiscat Cash Registers Drive Retail Innovation in Small and Medium-sized Businesses

2023-10-31 18:00:45

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It is often thought that the tools that can bring innovation to the retail industry are the prerogative of larger, more structured entities, such as multinational chains or franchises, which have more experience than individual stores, perhaps family-run ones. Investable resources. However, it is not. 

FISCAT has always worked side by side with small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, aiming to provide the most innovative solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises and provide cash registers with high flexibility and scalability.

Generally speaking, if point-of-sale management tools are often part of an all-inclusive package that includes multiple items (and are expensive), then FISCAT solutions will adapt and "grow" with the business: in fact, Fiscat allows you to choose what you want desired function. Looking to integrate into the store and add new ones later if necessary - if specific needs or new opportunities arise.

Let's take a closer look at FISCAT's strategic products and tools for retail innovation.

Retail innovation: starting at the checkout

If it is necessary to equip telematics cash registers today to comply with legal regulations, then replacing the existing old ones in the store with the latest generation models is ideal to start the process of updating the point of sale, making its management simpler and more efficient.

In addition to automatically sending payments to the tax office, telematics recorders like the SUPER TOUCH 10 and GALAXY TOUCH 6 feature an interface that can be customized based on campaign characteristics - thus speeding up checkout operations while minimizing errors possibility - and allows you to print personalized receipts with logos or indications of specific ongoing promotions.

Retail innovation: Evolving as management systems evolve

In fact, management software, more than any other tool, enables real leaps in quality when it comes to retail innovation. If you're struggling to find the right software, we can help make it easier for you and the software you choose to check your business progress, issue invoices, manage warehouses and inventory, and discounts at the end of the day .

The aforementioned digital cash register SUPER TOUCH 10 and GALAXY TOUCH 6 are both based on the Android platform, which is compatible with most Android software and enables interconnection and data sharing between multiple platforms.

In addition to facilitating offline working and ensuring uninterrupted activities even without an internet connection, this eliminates the risk of data loss due to device failure.

Retail innovation means looking to the future

The services associated with the new product don’t stop there. FISCAT can cooperate with third-party software companies to launch more functional SERVERs, which can provide service cloud platforms to retailers and merchants, transforming points of sale into real innovation centers that provide dedicated services. This includes User, which provides access to advanced analytics, statistics and reports related to daily closings and a simple and intuitive way to view all strategic information to help store growth.

Even managers of small and medium-sized businesses can use a tool that not only monitors and manages the point of sale from any device, but also obtains valuable insights to optimize and/or enhance their business, modifying their strategy, based on customer preferences Propose new products or services. The goal is to stay one step ahead of the competition and truly innovate in retail.

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