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The Common Problems And Solution of Fiscal Electronic Cash Register

2023-05-25 14:07:09


1. The cash register(ECR) can’t be turned on

Check whether the adapter is powered on properly and whether the power cable is loose. 

2. ECR can’t run the paper

Check whether there is paper jam, whether the printer line is loose, check whether the printer is burned out, try to replace the normal printer to test.

3. The display screen does not display after the device is powered on

Check whether the cable is loose and check whether the display screen is broken. Try to replace the normal display screen for testing.

4. The receipt does not be printed clearly

Check whether the printing paper meets the requirements, whether the printing concentration is set properly, and whether the power supply voltage is normal.

5.USB cannot be recognized

Check whether the USB cable is normal, replace it with a normal USB cable.

6. ECR can't connect to Ethernet or wifi

Check whether network cables are properly connected and network configurations are normal.

7. Machine get stuck

Try to restart, if still can’t work, contact the seller

8. Can't open the cash drawer

Check whether the cash drawer is connected to the cash register, observe whether the cash drawer slide is deformed or stuck, and whether the connection port is connected

9. The memory is full

Replace the fiscal memory or SD card.

10. Can't connect to the tax office server

Check whether the URL is correct, the network connection is normal, and the related parameters meet the requirements of the Tax Bureau.

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