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The Functions of Italy Fiscal Printer MAX801

2023-09-08 14:50:17

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Thank you for choosing our Fiscal Printer RT MAX801, a very fast (up to 300mm/s) and compact design, RT MAX801 is the latest generation telematic printer; ideal in Retail and Hospitality environments and where reliability is essential and space is often limited.

The front issuing of the receipt allows you to place RT MAX801 under the sales counter top or inside a totem. With MAX801 the Commercial Document issued can be highly customizable, a real "business card" of your business, thanks to the possibility of using a graphic logo, the automatic cutter and the choice of using a 57mm roll rather than a roll from 80mm.

The RT MAX801 telematic printer can be purchased in the "modular cash register" version in combination with the double display keyboard for all activities that require speed and performance, or with the addition of the large turret display to complete "software" systems based” more advanced.

All the functions required by modern distribution are enabled, such as the issuing of talking receipts, lottery receipts, cancellations and returns of commercial documents (compatible with the new 7.0 specifications), deposit and balance and multi Ateco.

The DHCP function ensures reliability and drastically reduces installation times.



- Scontrino parlante

- Scontrino lotteria

- Annulli e resi di documenti commerciali

- Acconto e saldo

- Pagamenti non riscossi programmabili

- Reparti omaggio

- Buoni monouso e multiuso

- Multi Ateco

- Predisposizione sistema TS

- Approssimazione pagamenti in contanti opzionale

And MAX801 can support variety of payments, see them in ITALIAN,


- Contanti

- Elettronico

- Assegni

- Ticket

- Non pagato credito

- Non riscosso servizi

- Seguirà fattura

- Non riscosso SSN

- Buono monouso e multiuso

- Buono celiachia

- Sconto a pagare

At present, this RT fiscal printer MAX801 has been put into use in various retail industries, especially in pharmacies. This is not only due to the powerful functions of this machine, but also the external keyboard provided by FISCAT provides users with more efficient choices. No longer rely on using a PC, but complete transactions quickly with this tiny keyboard.

If you are interested in this machine, we will wholeheartedly provide you with detailed product introduction and after-sales service. At the same time, we can also customize corresponding solutions according to your needs to meet your various needs in the retail industry. Whether in drugstores or other retail locations, MAX801 tax control printer will help you improve work efficiency and provide stable and reliable printing and transaction functions. Look forward to working with you!

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