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What Makes Us Stand Out in the Fiscal Industry: Is It a Product or Service?

2023-06-29 11:40:20

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FISCAT founded in 2009, has worked diligently in the fiscal industry for more than a decade, not only diversifying its products, but also making its company consistently praised by many customers around the world, and its reputation continues to grow.

We are very grateful to all customers for their support and companionship all the time. The company is also determined to work hard to consolidate the foundation and customize the most competitive products for customers in accordance with the latest national fiscal laws to help customers establish a better foundation and expand their markets in their countries.

The growth of an enterprise is inseparable from products, and good products not only have high quality, reliability and durability. But also being able to meet the needs of the market and performing well will make us invincible. With the advancement of technology, the market for fiscal cash registers is also changing, and various countries have begun to change their fiscal laws one after another. The arrival of new fiscal laws means new opportunities. When other competitors were still using the old platform and old hardware STM3, our company took the lead in developing cash registers using the Linux platform, Fiscat ECR NEON/IPALM/SUPER/GALAXY, which not only combines most of the advantages of LINUX, but also in The research and development of the entire fiscal industry has opened up a new direction. The Linux platform is easy to develop and can realize most of the general functions, it is convenient for communication, it can handle multiple tasks at the same time, and it can also support various common toolkit APPs. On this basis, Fiscat ECR can maximize the scope of application for the machines and provide assistance to more users.

The growth of an enterprise is inseparable from excellent customer service, which is the key to attracting and retaining customers. Not only to ensure that the entire team can respond to customers' questions and needs in a timely manner, and provide professional and friendly services. And after purchasing the product, customers can get good after-sales support and help to solve problems. Due to the particularity of the fiscal industry, some national fiscal laws require that the after-sales time cannot exceed 48 hours, which puts higher demands on our entire team. All questions must be answered and resolved in a timely manner, even if there is a jet lag between each country but our after-sales team can reply and solve the problem in the fastest time.

The growth of an enterprise is inseparable from customer needs, It is very important to understand the needs and preferences of customers. Through market research and communication with customers, understand their needs and expectations, and improve and customize products based on this information. Provide a personalized experience, which can enhance customers' love for the product.By understanding customers' personal preferences and purchase history, personalized recommendations and customized services can be provided. Fiscat is well aware of the particularity of fiscal products. The fiscal products developed in accordance with the requirements of the fiscal law must not only comply with the fiscal law, but also provide customized functions for customers to distinguish them from competitors' products, so as to take more marketshare in the market.

The growth of an enterprise is inseparable from trust and brand reputation, and building trust is the key to attracting customers. Establish a good brand reputation and customer trust by providing reliable products and high-quality services, as well as honest and transparent communication with customers. When customers trust the Fiscat brand, they are more likely to like and choose Fiscat products.

The growth of an enterprise is inseparable from providing added value. In addition to the product itself, providing additional value can increase customers' love for your product. For example, a strong R&D team can provide efficient solutions for customers' personalized services, provide free training, provide after-sales service or other benefits, so that customers get more returns and care.

Through the above methods, customers' love for Fiscat products has been deepened and long-term customer relationships have been established. Fiscat's success is inseparable from customer satisfaction and loyalty, which is one of the key factors for business success. Thank you all the customers who have been with us all the time and grow up with us, and we look forward to more outstanding customers joining hands in the future to create brilliance together!

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