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What is Fiscal law

2023-02-17 15:12:00

Fiscalization is fiscal law designed to avoid retailer fraud. Fiscal law about cash registers has been introduced in countries to control the grey economy by enforcing all mandatory transaction reporting to the authorities. According to fiscal law, an appropriate fiscal receipt has to be printed and given to the customer.

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Fiscal law mostly covers:

•how the electronic cash register should work (functions),

•how the related retail processes should be designed,

•which data should be saved and how,

•which reports for the authorities should be created,

•how and when should reporting be done

Fiscal law is, in many cases, linked to other laws, such as laws related to accounting, taxation, consumer protection, data protection and privacy.

Basic philosophy

In case of fiscal laws, every government is basically following the same philosophy:

•the tax-related data of every transaction should be stored safely in a manner in which data manipulation is not possible after the transaction is closed

•reporting to the tax authority about stored tax related data should be possible any time and without any data manipulation

Based on this philosophy, different governments are defining different regulations that must be implemented in the different areas of the retailer's environment.

For example, fiscal law in Portugal is specifying that VAT-related data are regularly sent to the authority. Based on the data most implementations are done in the ERP system of the retailer (in the Back Office/Accounting). On the other side countries like Serbia have fiscal laws which force the usage of the fiscal printer. The fiscal printer stores the VAT-related data and sends it to the fiscal authority via an included special network device. This kind of fiscalization is mostly implemented in the POS application.

In some other countries (e.g. Austria), the transaction data must be signed by a special signature device and the data has to be saved in a special journal database. Typically, these kind of fiscal laws are implemented in the POS application and in the back office.

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