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What is the Firmware?

2023-08-01 15:31:55

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Firmware is often referred to as “software for hardware.” Firmware is the underlying code that connects the hardware to the operating system when a computer boots. All the Fiscat electronic cash register, thermal printer, electronic signature device(ESD), POS all-in-one have the unique firmware and interact perfectly with the software.

Firmware is typically stored in an Electrically Erasable read-only memory (EEPROM) or FLASH chip in a device and can generally be upgraded by the user through a specific refresh procedure. In general, as an electronic product the most Basic work of the software can be called firmware, such as the computer motherboard on the basic Input/output System BIOS (Basic Input/output System).

Usually the programs stored in these hardware cannot be directly read or modified by the user. With the continuous development of technology, it became urgent for users to modify firmware to adapt to the constantly updated hardware environment, so the repeatable Programmable ROM (EPROM), EEPROM and flash appeared. These chips can be rewritten, allowing firmware to be modified and upgraded. 

Firmware can be said to be the nerve center, which can also be called the operating system of COMBO, which includes many modules: driving, control, decoding, transmission, detection... COMBO works properly only under its control. At the same time, the firmware also has many additional functions, such as error correction technology, safe burning technology, playback control technology. 

For independently operable electronic products, firmware generally refers to its operating system ("software provides instructions that help hardware to start up, communicate with devices, and perform basic tasks. can be called firmware ", which is very consistent with the definition of an operating system). 

For example, Fiscat's ECR which including mainboard, printer driver board, communication board, printer mechanism, LCD display screen, and so on...our firmware's basic work is to connect all these hardwares and make it working together. The firmware is the bottom program code to run the device, except to connect internal hardwares but also connect to external device like PC, scanner, pos machine, drawer, and so on to make sure the procedure could be operated completely, correctly, smoothly, multifunctional and security. It's not only an easy bottom program, but a drive to make our products better in the field. 

Now Fiscat's latest Linux platform firmware which is the most popular in the market, it make us distinguished. 

If you are looking for a new modern platform, come to visit us, you are always very welcome!

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