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Fiscat Celebrates The Dragon Boat Festival

2023-06-21 15:07:34

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The Dragon Boat Festival, also called the Duanwu Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese lunar calendar, the festival has been marked by eating Zongzi (glutinous rice wrapped to form a pyramid using bamboo or reed leaves) and racing dragon boats. It's one of the oldest traditional festivals in China with more than 2,000 years of history.

It is to commemorate the death of a Chinese patriotic poet, Qu Yuan. There are lots of activities for Chinese people to celebrate in this festival. Such as hanging pictures of Zhong Kui, hanging calamus and moxa on the door, eating Zongzi, carrying about spice bags, drinking realgar wine, organizing dragon boat race, etc.

1. Hanging picture of Zhong Kui. It's believed that hanging the picture of ZhongKui on the door can prevent evil from coming in people's house.

2. Hanging calamus and moxa on the door People will clean up the house and hang calamus and moxa on the door to meet Dragon Boat estival. In addition to against evil, it can guide happiness into people's house.

3, Eating Zongzi.  In ancient times, the fishmen living by the Miluo River always throw Zongzi into the river to prevent fish from eating Qu Yuan's body. This custom has been passed so far, Now people always eat Zongzi on this day.

4. Carrying out spice bags. Spice bags is full of many kinds of spice. On Dragon Festival, parents also dress their children up with spice bags. People think it could bring fortune and happiness.

5.Drinking realgar wine In Dragon Boat Festival, people drink realgar wine, and smear it on children's bodies to prevent insect bites and stings.

6. Dragon Boat Race Dragon boat race is the most important activity in Dragon Boat Festival. The dragon-boat races symbolize the many attempts to rescue and recover Qu's body. A typical dragon boat ranges from 50-100 feet in length, with a beam of about 5.5 feet, accommodating two paddlers seated side by side. We hold the Dragon Boat Race to celebrate the good harvest, Besides, it is also a symbol of team work and competition.

This Year, Fiscat prepared a beautiful Zongzi gift box for the colleagues, Wish you all good luck and good health.


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