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Special 5.20 ( I LOVE U ) Fiscat Team Building- We Are Family

2023-05-22 14:12:05

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In China, there is an old saying, Unity is strength, showing the importance of teamwork.

As time goes by, there is no doubt that teamwork is more and more significant for us in many matter what you are doing, such as you are playing basketball or other games, you are participating in the debate competition, you are dealing in class affairs and so is universally acknowledge that all of these may not be finished better if without's more, whether you possess a good team spirit or not, which is the general situation as heavy, the spirit of matter what we do, I think the thing will be much better if we keep a better teamwork spirit and is no denying that not only can greatly improve our work efficiency but also can get true friendship among colleagues in future work through intensifying our teamwork awareness.

Today, at this special 5.20 (Chinese means I LOVE U ), Fiscat Team is running a group building event off the Xiamen island called ‘‘Challenge every day, there is no limit to excellence’’.

There are Four games for the team,

Game One: Dragons fetch water

16 people are free to combine and divided into four groups (four people in a group) to place water in a certain distance outside the straight line. Participants cannot step over the straight line, but through team efforts to get water back into the line, can not pass the water to teammates in the middle, only the water can be put back, the fastest group wins.

Dragons fetch water.jpg

Game Two: Ugly Duckling Race

There are 16 participants. Prepare 4 chairs and multiple balloons

Two people in a group walk with the balloon, around the chair back to the same place, the balloon can not break, break directly eliminated, if the balloon falls, can be picked up by one person, the other person stands in place and so on, pick up the balloon back to the teammates to continue the game, the fastest to reach the end of the group wins

Ugly Duckling Race.jpg

Game Three: A loving hug

Everyone spread out and walk around the chair, the host shouted password "Digital Huddle", we asked "how many numbers", the host said a number randomly, such as "3", participants in the shortest time to find three people and hold good, the people did not find people hold will be eliminated, the host will continue to shout password according to the remaining number of people, until the last four people win.

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Game Four:  Musical chairs   

Musical chairs

Participants: Winners of the first 3 games choose 10 people and prepare 9 chairs

Ten people walk around the nine chairs, and the host calls to stop to see who gets the seat. One at a time, and then one more chair. And so on until the last three win.

We are had an extra game of Frisbee, but most of us are tired, only six people are volunteered, Excessive sweating, so cool!

Musical chairs.jpg

Team spirit is the foundation of success in all business. It is not just cooperation and concerted effort in the ordinary sense.

Through this activity, we have cultivated the spirit of team cooperation. We help each other, encourage each other, unite and cooperate, complement each other's advantages, and give play to the enterprising synergistic effect!

Thank you all to participate in the activity!


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