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All-in-one Smart Cash Registers in Convenience Store

2023-04-07 14:32:48

After three years of COVID-19, the economy began to recover in 2023, will drive economic growth.

Both the catering industry and the retail industry should seize the new inflection point of growth, improve efficiency and management level in various ways, so as to enhance the competitiveness in the market.

When choosing a smart cash register, we should also choose according to different application scenarios. For example, the use of large-screen self-service cash registers in large supermarket chains is now a "standard part" of supermarkets, but if placed in small supermarkets or convenience stores, such a large smart cash registers will appear awkward.

Therefore, if it is for some small business super retail or catering restaurants, it is best to use a relatively small smart cashier all-in-one device like FISCAT Galaxy touch 6/Super touch 10. The use of smaller convenience store cash registers and kiosk collection machines can reduce counter space and create more space. Especially in some coffee shops and milk tea shops with relatively new decoration style, the "sense of existence" of intelligent cashier all-in-one machine should be reduced as far as possible, which will make the stores look more simple and senior.

In general, smart cash register also needs to carry out purchase, sale and inventory management and even takeout orders. However, because it is a small store, it can complete these operations without using too large screen, which is more convenient for small convenience stores and supermarkets.

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Touch single screen Android cash register is an all-in-one machine suitable for small supermarkets and convenience stores. Touch single screen Android cash register adopts 10 inch touch screen, only the size of three mobile phones, small size, space saving, more suitable for convenience stores, mom-and-pop stores, small supermarkets, small restaurants, milk tea shops, coffee shops, bakery cake shops, food court small restaurants and other scenes.

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