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Russian Fiscal Regulations and Fiscat's Solutions

2023-09-14 16:59:28

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Since the middle of 2017, Russia has implemented stringent regulations governing cash devices and secure storage with internet connectivity for both offline and online retailers. This article aims to provide an in-depth understanding of these regulations and how Fiscat, a leader in fiscal solutions, is adapting to meet these requirements.

What is the regulation of fiscal device in Russia?

In Russia, cash registers are mandated to issue electronic documents containing transaction data. These documents must be stored locally on secure storage systems and transferred to the Federal Tax Administration either in real-time or within a 30-day window. This is facilitated through a specialized piece of hardware known as a fiscal printer with fiscal memory.

Each payment transaction must be processed through a fiscal printer and the receipt generated should be sent to the Operator of Fiscal Data (OFD). The OFD then forwards these transaction reports to the Federal Tax Service. The primary objective of this mechanism is to monitor the legitimacy of sales and curb illegal transactions. It is compulsory for every Point of Sale (POS) system to be connected to an OFD, which usually provides services and APIs for seamless integration. 

Fiscat's Adaptation to the Russian Market

Having been in the fiscal solution sector for many years, Fiscat has gained a significant market share in various countries and is now actively expanding its footprint in Russia. The hardware includes Electronic Cash Registers, POS printers, and POS All-in-One, can be designed to comply with Russian regulations.

Especially noteworthy is our Fiscal POS PRINTER MAX809, which has received positive reviews from Russian customers. This thermal printer is universally accessible via smartphones, tablets, or PC with network access and supports QR code and graphic printing. Learn more brief details about POS PRINTER MAX809 as following:

1.Standard Linux device interface

2.Comply with ISO7816

3.Support usb disk/keyboard/barcode scanner

4.Support Ethernet/WIFI/Bluetooth

5.GPIO key interface

At Fiscat, we are well-equipped to offer customized fiscal solutions tailored to enhance your business operations in compliance with Russian regulations. These solutions range from hardware customization to software integration, aimed at optimizing your transaction processes.

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