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A Versatile Fiscal Device - Fiscat DataSign

2023-09-25 14:33:58

A Versatile Fiscal Device - Fiscat DataSign

Fiscal ESD(Electronic Signature Device) is loved by customers for its signature machine capabilities, however, we often overlook another advantage of this machine: it can also be used as a mobile printer. This compact machine has received great attention from FISCAT's R&D team, who are always good at discovering the potential of products and can bring unexpected surprises to customers. By installing different software, this machine can achieve completely different functions to meet the needs of multiple locations. Whether it is used as a signature machine or a mobile printer, Datasign can take on the role, making users feel convenient and satisfied.

Users must already know the ESD function of Datasign very well, but the advantages for mobile printers will be shared with everyone through this blog.

First of all, one of the advantages of Datasign as a mobile printer is its excellent printing performance. It uses advanced thermal printing technology to achieve high-definition and high-speed printing, and the output results are clearly visible, providing users with an efficient and convenient printing experience.

Secondly, Datasign's mobility makes it possible to print anywhere and at any time. No longer limited to a fixed office environment, users can print anywhere by simply carrying this machine, improving work efficiency.

In addition, Datasign also has high compatibility and can be connected with a variety of devices. It supports multiple connection methods such as Bluetooth, USB and WIFI, and users can choose the appropriate connection method according to their needs. Whether connected to a mobile phone, tablet or computer, Datasign works perfectly with it to achieve fast printing.

As a mobile printer, Datasign not only has the above advantages, but also has strong customizability. Users can install different software according to their own needs to implement different functions and bring more convenience to users.

To sum up, Datasign as a mobile printer has excellent printing performance, portability and compatibility, and is highly customizable to meet the various needs of different industries. Whether as a signature machine or a mobile printer, Datasign can play its role in various places, bringing convenience and satisfaction to users.

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