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The advantage of electornic cash register with touch screen

2023-04-13 09:47:13

Nowadays, mobile phones, ATM machines, subway ticket machines and all kinds of things are controlled by touch. What about the cash register? Of course, today's mainstream cash registers, the third generation of cash registers, use touch control. Now let's talk about the advantages of touch-screen cash registers.

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Faster operation: According to tests, in daily cash register, touch-controlled cash register is more efficient than touch-free cash register using mouse and keyboard.

Save space: Instead of traditional mouse and keyboard, install virtual keyboard in touch-controlled cash register, which can save mouse and keyboard position and make cash register look more simple and generous.

Cost saving: The cash register adopts industrial screen, which can be waterproof, oil-proof and dust-proof. However, the life of ordinary mouse and keyboard is short, and it is more likely to be damaged if it encounters water.

The software and the device perfectly fit, support touch screen click operation, support gesture screen page turning, large particle button, clear at a glance, easy to operate.

Comprehensive touch operation reduces the cashier's delays, promotes fast sales process, conforms to the current intelligent development trend, provides customers with fashionable and convenient consumption experience, and improves the brand image of the store.

The double screen display at the cashier's end enables customers to see their consumption situation at the cashier's end, and the product publicity pictures can be automatically played during the cashier's gap, with intuitive advertising effect, which can better enhance the store image and arouse customers' desire to buy.

Support the front desk bill printing sales receipts and commodity label printing, details reflect the brand image.

The data analysis function covers the data classification and statistical records of the whole business process, so that operators can clearly understand the revenue status of sales, procurement, income, expenditure and other links, which is convenient for operators to check accounts and financial supervision and management.

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