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The Setting Preparation for Electronic Cash Register

2023-04-26 17:00:21

Since the advent of the electronic cash register, according to the needs of various business management modes, has formed a complete series. Therefore, it is completely possible to choose the appropriate electronic cash register according to the actual needs. For the preparation before the use of the electronic cash register, the rough tips are as follows :

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1. Commodity classification

Goods should be classified as far as possible according to the maximum number of electronic cash registers purchased, in order to maximize management efficiency.

2. Code of the single product

If single product management is adopted, it is necessary to code some or all of the commodities to be managed and set the unit price and category.

3. Determine the cashier's code

General electronic cash register has cashier management function, therefore, to each cashier number or password.

4. Settings

Set the above information in the electronic cash register.

5. Determine authority management

Electronic cash registers can be set up for different levels of people with different management rights, cashiers grasp the cashier spoon, department managers grasp reading statements, managers or finance grasp clear statements.

6. Determine the time of daily and monthly report printing and the transition procedure.

7. simple and easy to operate electronic cash register does not need to pay for the cashier and management personnel for a long time training, can be operated according to the instructions.

It is necessary to make clear each operation step and precautions. Management personnel must know clearly the reading method of various reports and the meaning of each content. If the report content is not clear, the electronic cash register will lose its management function.

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