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What is Electronic Fiscal Signature Device - EFD/FMU/E-SDC

2023-04-28 10:48:34

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Electronic finance devices (EFDs) are designed for authentication by signing financial documents produced by any personal computer (PC), such as tax invoices. The device uses a special computer program -driver to generate a unique number (signature), then sign to and print out each invoice issued by the user's system.

It consists of invoicing systems (POS), SDCs, and security elements, all connected into one system. EFDs generate revenue and report audit data to tax authorities. It's a special device used to verify business-to-business financial transactions.

Fiscat Electronic Signature Devices - DataSign, is the first generation of products designed by our company since its establishment and has been approved in many countries. It was the world's smallest ESD, and it is still a state-of-art product today! Its main function is to convert your non-fiscal POS system to a fiscal system easily and quickly, without any hardware changes or open cabinets. The highly reliable Type A and B driver solutions which do not bind the firm with respect to the selection or upgrade of commercial applications.

1.Applicable Scenarios

Supermarkets, which has own POS systems, strong technical strength, a large volume of orders, main source of revenue

Chain Stores, which has POS systems, strong technical strength, large volume of orders, main source of revenue

Retail Stores, Current used ECRs can be simply changed to dock SDCs for transaction collection and data signature

2.Fiscal System Structure

Fiscal System Structure.jpg

3.Main Function

E-SDC is a hardware device used to encrypt offline transactions and transmit audit packages to tax authority. It is a middleware working between the POS system and the tax authority backend.

The working process is, collect invoice - Calculate Tax - Signature Invoice - Upload Invoice - Audit Invoice - Execute Command

Please check out our next update for more details, thank you!

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